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S4-E6 – Motorcycle

S4-E6 – Motorcycle

See Timmy Uppet spell the word motorcycle. Also see his friends drive motorbikes with shapes and Uncle Screecher drives his motorcycle around Vidsville.
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S4-E2 – Tow Trucks Again

S4-E2 – Tow Trucks Again With NEW Ending

The Timmy Uppet Show™ Season 4, Episode 2. This is a remake of a tow truck video from last season. However, the ending is new and blooperish. These trucks are also called tipper truck, dumper truck, dump truck, tipper lorry, tip truck and tiperoo.

S3-E7 Tow Trucking Timmy

S3-E7 Tow Trucking Timmy – Colors, Spelling and Counting

Season 3 Episode 7 – Timmy drives around Vidsville in his cool tow truck. Children can learn about Colors, Spelling and Counting. His tow truck vehicle is also known as a wrecker, breakdown lorry, breakdown truck and recovery vehicle.