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Dump Truck Rock Cruncher 3

Dump Truck Rock Cruncher 3 – Counting Spelling Tipper Lorry For Kids

Dump Truck counting and spelling for kids.. See Mercedes Jones drive his dump truck also know as Dumper, Tipper, Tipper Lorry, and Tip Truck.
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Compound Words 3

Compound Words 3 – Mercedes, Sara & Timmy Vidsville Word Factory

In the word factory words are merged together and form compound words. See Mercedes Jones driving the blue dump truck. Timmy Uppet using the large orange crane and Sara Uppet drives the orange flatbed Tractor Trailer.
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Dump Trucks For Kids

Dump Trucks For Kids – Mecedes & Friends Tipper Trucks

Mercedes is at it again driving the tipper lorry all over Vidsville. The tipper truck is blue and fun to dump rocks.
Dump trucks are sometimes called tipper trucks, tipper lorry or just plain old tipper. Have fun with these dump trucks for kids.

Dump Truck Rock Cruncher 2

Dump Truck Rock Cruncher 2 – Count From 11 to 20

Dump Truck Rock Cruncher part 2. In this episode Mercedes counts the rocks 11 to 20. This truck is also known as a Tipper Truck, Tipper Lorry, Dumper and Dump Truck.

Kids Trucks – Dump Truck Shapes

Kids Trucks – Dump Truck Shapes

See the cast drive their dump trucks and dump the shapes.
Fun truck videos for kids. Children love to watch trucks, monster trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, excavators, dump trucks and more. #kidstrucks

Shape Factory

Shape Factory – Dump, Compress and Make Shapes For Kids

See Timmy Uppet and Mercedes Jones make some shapes at the shape factory. Mercedes dumps the word and in the factory it gets pressed into a colorful shape. Then Timmy uses the crane to show the shape spelling.