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Spell the strange vehicles

Learn to spell with funny strange vehicles for kids. Spelling for kids and learning letters has never been this much fun. #strangevehicles
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Excavator 2.0

Trouble uses his excavator to dig hole for the Vidsville construction company. Learn to spell excavator and watch it dig big holes in the ground. Also see a wheeled loader and a dump truck. Excavators used to be called steam shovels or power shovels.

Words A – C

Learn to spell words A through C with Timmy Uppet and friends. Words are: Apple, Alligator, Alphabet, Bells, Bat, Beep, Chicken, Car, and Cake. These are fun spelling words for children.
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Spell The Vehicles 2 Long Version

Spell the vehicles part 2 long version spelling for kids. Timmy Uppet narrates and spells construction vehicles, crane, road roller, road grader, a modern electric car and a inchworm car. Puppets include Timmy Uppet, Trouble Brown, Sara Uppet, Grandpa Uppet and Cluck the chicken.

Spell Scissor Lift

Learn to spell scissor lift with Pinko and Puppy dog. Timmy thought is was a cat but puppy dog was in the tree. Pinko saved puppy dog with a Scissor lift a type of wheeled Aerial Platform.
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Timmy’s new house spelling

Timmy’s New House video remastered with added spelling for children. Timmy Uppet gives a tour of his new house and shows the spelling of each room. Learn to read and spell the rooms of the house with words that include kitchen, garage, hallway, laundry room and more.

Words G – I

Words G-I – Spell Grandpa Grin Gnat Helicopter Happy Halloween Ice Insect Island
Kids learn to spell Grandpa, Grin, Gnat, Helicopter, Happy, Halloween, Ice, Insect and Island. Kids love to spell with Vids4Kds.tv.
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Learn To Spell Inchworm

Learn to spell the word Inchworm with Grandpa Uppet. Then Grandpa rides the inchworm car on various stunt tracks for kids. The custom inchworm car is pretty fast and fun for children.
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Let’s Spell Road Roller

Learn To Spell Road Roller. Sara Uppet drives the construction equipment over the fresh asphalt to make it smooth. Once the road is smooth it’s ready for painted lines. Sara loves the pink construction vehicles.
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Learn To Spell Electric Car

Learn to spell electric car with Cluck the chicken. Follow cluck as he drives his electric car around Vidsville. See him charge his electric car with solar energy at Vidsville Sun Charge charging station.