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Tow Truck and Car Crusher

Tow Truck and Car Crusher – Timmy Drives A Tow Truck & Giant Robot

Timmy Uppet in his tow truck picking up and towing broke down cars. Some old cars are crushed as he maneuvers the giant robot car crusher. Tow trucks are sometimes called wrecker, breakdown truck, recovery vehicle and breakdown lorry.

Tow Truck & Vehicles

Tow Truck & Vehicles – Hybrid Car Limo Monster Fire Truck Tractor Truck

See a Tow Truck, Small Car, Hybrid Car, Limo, Monster Fire Truck, Tractor, Space Ship, Fire Truck and a Big Truck.

Spell Crash 3

Spell Crash 3 – Learn To Spell Crash With Vehicles For Kids

Timmy and his friends drive vehicles and learn to spell the word crash. This pretend stunt track allows children to spell crash in a fun way. Spell Crash part 3
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Fast and Tow

Fast and Tow – Trouble Goes Fast & Tow Truck Rescues Him

Trouble Brown goes fast in his monster truck. His monster truck crashes and Timmy Uppet rescues him with his tow truck. Trouble is not done because Timmy will rescue him again.

S4-E2 – Tow Trucks Again

S4-E2 – Tow Trucks Again With NEW Ending

The Timmy Uppet Show™ Season 4, Episode 2. This is a remake of a tow truck video from last season. However, the ending is new and blooperish. These trucks are also called tipper truck, dumper truck, dump truck, tipper lorry, tip truck and tiperoo.

Hot Rod Racing

Hot Rod Racing – Chevy Dodge Plymouth Muscle Cars Vidsville Speedway

Hot Rod Racing Vidsville Speedway. See Chevy, Dodge and Plymouth Muscle Cars race to the finish line. The racers are Timmy, Grandpa, Greeno and Mercedes.
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S3-E7 Tow Trucking Timmy

S3-E7 Tow Trucking Timmy – Colors, Spelling and Counting

Season 3 Episode 7 – Timmy drives around Vidsville in his cool tow truck. Children can learn about Colors, Spelling and Counting. His tow truck vehicle is also known as a wrecker, breakdown lorry, breakdown truck and recovery vehicle.

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Matchbox Hill Climb

Kids Trucks – Matchbox Hill Climb

Kids Trucks – Matchbox Hill Climb. Climb the hill with all of the matchbox vehicles.
Fun truck videos for kids. Children love to watch trucks, monster trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, excavators, dump trucks and more. #kidstrucks

Matchbox Vehicles

Matchbox Vehicles – Rescue, Law Enforcement, Construction Vehicles

Matchbox Vehicles for kids. See law enforcement vehicles, rescue vehicles and construction vehicles. Also see Pinko, CJ and Grandpa Uppet drive the vehicles on the off road track.