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Downhill Racing

Friday fun day is here again. Take a break from learning with this fun cartoon for children. Timmy Uppet and pals are driving strange vehicles downhill in this racing video for kids. What weird car is your favorite?
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Vidsville Garage

Mercedes wrecks his car and Timmy Uppet picks him up with the Tow Truck and takes him to the Vidsville Garage to be repaired. Spell the words for the car, WRECKED then REPAIRED next it gets PAINTED now it’s time to get CUSTOMIZED. Spelling cartoon for kids.

Red Vehicles For Kids

We’ve grouped together red vehicles. The kids vehicles are Tow Truck, Garbage Truck, Dump Truck, Fire Engine, 6 Wheel Drive, Backhoe, Warehouse Robot, Monster Truck, Three Wheeler and Tractor. Timmy Uppet’s favorite color is red, what is yours?

Aqua Trucks

Aqua Trucks are big trucks that look like sea animals for children. Learn to spell each monster truck and clean up the pollution in the ocean. What is your favorite sea creature monster truck?

Monster Truck Contractions

Timmy Uppet and his pals are learning contractions with monster trucks for kids. A monster truck will jump and land on the words and another monster truck will jump and land on the matching contractions. Reading and learning contractions made fun for children.

Big Truck Factory 4

Timmy Uppet and his pals are at the Vidsville Big Truck Factory for children. This time they are delivering shapes of recycled crashed trucks to make new monster truck parts. Learn to count with the stockpiled monster truck parts. Also see the spelling of each number. These truck parts will be used to make new monster trucks.

Mercedes Pillow Buy Now
Did you ever want to hangout with Mercedes? Now is your chance because this pillow is fun to chill with for any age.